Shelby 351W Bare Block

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The Shelby Alloy Windsor block is 45 percent lighter, yet stronger than the factory cast iron version. It retains original factory engine mounting bosses and bell housing bolt pattern, making it a bolt-in replacement for cast iron Windsor blocks. The Shelby 351 block is fully CNC machined.

The Shelby block offers these premium performance features:

  • Expanded Water Jackets
  • Also available as a solid block
  • Thick 0.750-inch deck delivers the foundation needed for maximum head gasket sealing and retention.
  • Accepts Canted Valve Heads
  • Shelby's 351 Alloy block delivers superior bottom end stability at high rpm.
Shelby 351 Windsor Aluminum Block Technical Features:
Block Material AA356,T6 aluminum Blocks is CNC machined
Deck Height 9.5-inch
Deck Thickness 0.750-inch
Cylinder bore range

Wet - 4.030 or 4.120

Solid - 4.120-inch

Maximum Stroke 4.250-inch
Displacements up to 461 cubic inches
Cylinder sleeve Centrifugally cast dry sleeves
Cylinder wall Siamese with dry liners
Main bearing cap Billet steel
Main bearing cap bolt
studs;4 splayed bolts on 2-3-4 mains
oil sump Accommodates wet or dry sump oiling systems
Head stud diameter 0.500-inch
Bare block weight 90 pounds, approximately