Holley Aluminum Ultra HP Carburetor - 750HP

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These Holley aluminum Ultra HP carburetors feature all-new construction for maximum performance, right out of the box. They start off with a 6061-T6 billet aluminum black, bright-dipped anodized base plate. They feature elongated mounting holes, allowing for fitment in intake manifolds with a square 4150 or large Dominator-style flange. The base plates feature a dedicated, race-only throttle lever with all unnecessary street attachment points and tangs removed. A stainless steel adjustable secondary link offers you a choice of 1:1 or progressive secondary throttle actuation for ultimate control of the secondary opening rate.


Fuel: Gasoline

Number of Barrels:4

Carburetor Flange: Holley 4150/Dominator

Choke: None

Secondary Type: Mechanical

Fuel Inlet: Dual

Primary Jet Size: 76

Primary Power Valve (Hg): 6.5 Hg

Primary Discharge Nozzle Size (in): 0.031 in.

Secondary Jet Size: 76

Primary Outer Air Bleed Sizes Included: 73

Primary Inner Air Bleed Sizes Included: 36

Secondary Discharge Nozzle Size (in):0.031 in.

Secondary Power Valve: 6.5

Secondary Outer Air Bleed Sizes Included: 73

Secondary Inner Air Bleed Sizes Included: 36

Carburetor Finish: Gray anodized

Booster Type: Down-leg

Throttle Linkage Type: Universal


Notes: Billet aluminum black anodized metering blocks. -8AN O-ringed inlet threads. Come standard with -8AN O-ring to -6AN male adapter and -8AN plug. Can be plumbed from either side. Holley Ultra HP race carburetors are for race applications only and are not designed or suggested for street use. Ultra HP carburetors do not provide attachment points for street transmissions, vacuum outlets or stock throttle linkage and cables.