MSD Master Blaster Ignition Coil

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For off-road, marine, racing, or other extreme environments, MSD Blaster High Vibration ignition coils are the best choice. Their sturdy metal housing is potted with a premium-grade epoxy to completely encase the coils' primary and secondary windings. This protects the coils from high and low frequency vibrations. Alkyd material is used to form the spark tower because of its high dielectric characteristics. Alkyd will not carbon track when high voltage is passed across its surface. For your convenience, a standard canister-type coil mount can be used, and the coils can be mounted in any position.
Coil Wire Attachment:Female/Socket
Coil Style:Canister
Primary Resistance:0.700 ohms
Coil Internal Construction:Epoxy
Coil Color:Black
Maximum Voltage:45,000 V
Turns Ratio:100:1
Secondary Resistance:4.70K ohms
Inductance:8.0 mH
Peak Current:140 mA
Spark Duration:350 uS
Mounting Bracket Included:No
Coil Wire Included:No
Ballast Resistor Included:No
Coil Shape:Round
Diameter (in):2.125 in.
Height (in):6.000 in.